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Who Should Attend?

This show will have a very broad appeal because of the timeliness of the subject matter, expert speakers and range of topics. Specifically we welcome anyone with a disability, their family caregivers and attendants. We also recognize that anyone looking to Age in Place will find the presentations, exhibitors and networking opportunities valuable.

Professionals involved and interested in this industry will include:

Government, Occupational Therapists, Renovator/Contractors, Trades, Lawyers, Realtors, Gerontologists, Hospital workers, Academia and Students, Rehabilitation Clinics, Builders, Municipal Leaders, Home Care (workers and management), Interior Designers, Architects, Physical Therapists, Health and Social Services, Policy, Manufacturers, Retailers, Not-for-profit groups.

In the stay at home era, why have we so sorely neglected home care?

There’s no place like home. That truism has taken on a whole new meaning during the COVID-19 pandemic, owing to quarantines, isolation, lockdowns, shelter-in-place orders and other restrictions on movement. But in health care, the focus has been placed squarely on institutions. Out of fear of a mass influx of coronavirus patients that could overwhelm […]

Demand for aging-in-place renos grows

Barb Bower and her husband were both still in great health when they decided to renovate their 1980s-era bungalow a few years ago but with every decision they made, they imagined a future when one or both might have health issues that could impact their ability to navigate their home. CONTINUE READING…

The Mod Squad

CHBA has recently established a new Council. It can help you grow your business. And maybe you should be part of it. What is the difference between the Home Modification Council (HMC) and the Canadian Renovators’ Council (CRC)? CHBA’s long-standing Canadian Renovators’ Council (CRC) deals with a broad range of issues that interest professional renovators […]

Demystifying Aging in Place

Aging in place can be a polarizing concept among families. Odds are your reaction to reading the term “aging in place” is telling of your age and family dynamic. Among Canadians over 65, the vast majority fully intend to remain in their homes for as long as possible. For this group, “aging in place” promises […]


There are many choices and options available to help family caregivers in making their caregiving manageable. Once you are a family caregiver, what do you need to know to master the challenges of caring for your loved one at home? Health Canada offer the following glimpse into what you can expect. 1) Learn about the […]

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